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Sat 21 Mar 13:30 PM - 16:30 PM @ Meadowgreen Centre


An inspiring workshop to optimise your Health, Wellbeing and Mindset ….

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Today with the pressures of daily life, it is easy to become overwhelmed and stressed. What we need is a sanctuary and time to Re-energise, Refocus and Replenish.

With a wealth of experience in Yoga, Reiki, Mindfulness, Massage, Emotional Freedom Technique, Nutrition, Mentoring, Coaching, Colour Therapy, and Neuro Linguistic Programming , Zenyoga, Living Vibrantly and Yara Journeys come together to provide this mind, body and spirit workshop to help you take control of your health, wellbeing and mindset simply and effectively.

You will learn:

How the 5 principles of wellness – (food, water, air, exercise, and mental attitude) can easily be incorporated into your busy day to day lives.

Mindset shifts for clearing limiting beliefs, building confidence and setting life goals

Easy to learn techniques to release tension from your body and mind with guidance to explore your inner world through relaxation techniques and yoga meditation.


Fiona Cumming (Zenyoga) www.lovezenyoga.co.uk

With a background of 16 years using Complementary Therapies to help people improve their health, Fiona currently works as the Complementary Therapy coordinator within a hospice where she incorporates yoga teaching and hands-on therapies to bring comfort and support to people in a palliative care setting alongside teaching public yoga classes throughout Ayrshire, Scotland. Fiona has a natural talent at helping people be comfortable with their body through mindfulness practices and hatha yoga. Fiona’s calmness and soothing voice will help guide you into a blissful place within yourself leaving you feeling rejuvinated and restored

Irene Gott (Living Vibrantly www.irenegott.com

With a background in people development in the NHS, a Reiki master and a passionate promoter for health and wellbeing, Irene will share the key principles to living a healthy lifestyle, protecting your body and improving your odds against life threatening illness and disease.

Annabelle Beckwith (Yara Journeys) www.yara-journeys.com

Annabelle Beckwith has been a coach, trainer and consultant for nearly 20 years. She brings an insight into mindset techniques to overcome limiting beliefs, build confidence and set personal goals.

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