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Jenny Light is pleased to offer the Foundation Yogic Meditation course as a distant learning option over 8 months with one-to-one support. The course develops focus of the mind, discernment of ego and higher self and to learn tools which can be used to bring calm in everyday life. Beginners are taught how to establish and maintain their own meditation practice.

Jenny teaches single-pointed focus in yogic meditation, pranayama (yogic breathing control), mudra (creating energy circuits in the hands) and an introduction to the psychic anatomy of the chakras and our bodies. You will learn an easy toolbox of breaths which are directly applicable for developing inner calm and detachment in your everyday living.

‘Yoga is scientific. If you change the breath, you change your state of being. You learn how to alter the brainwaves from the peaks and troughs of beta waves (normal waking state) into the longer, slower, calmer rhythms of delta and theta waves just by changing the breath focus. Take control of your life through yogic breathing.’ Jenny Light

Course notes plus recorded teaching via MP3 are sent via email each month. Over the course, you will have 3 scheduled one-to-one mentoring sessions with tutor, Jenny, via phone or Skype (30 minutes). Once accepted on the course, Jenny will contact you regarding a start date for the course and for the mentoring appointments.

For more online courses and offline (in person) workshops please look at Jenny's website [] or on Facebook

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